Emily Jane Smith

"I have been working in community theatre for the better part of fifteen years, in one capacity or another. It demands a very specific balance of conducting business and introducing actors to the world of the stage, and how enjoyable it can be. John has found this balance beautifully. He has been the most patient director I have had the pleasure of working with, and his passion and excitement for the art he creates is contagious for those working with him. It is a joy to work with him, and observing the way he communicates his vision with the actors is inspiring for anyone interested in the production side of things. I am so excited to see the work he will create, and I know his production company will hold the same values he has displayed through the time I have known him: respect for each other, respect for the craft, and respect for the process of creating Theatre."

Ron Baumanis

"John is a solid performer and director. His passion for theater is evident in his work."

James Bergman

"I was John's music teacher at Divine Child High School in Dearborn. I always knew he had drama, music, and leadership talents and abilities. I am truly blessed to have watched him over these years as his God-given talents have shone forth not only on the theatrical stage, but on the Stage of Life. I thank God that I was able to be a part of this."

Kat Stanley

"John and Becky have two of the most wonderful hearts I have come across. This is something I’m so happy to see come to life."

Jennifer Leonard

"As a parent of a young Actor, John runs a schedule that incorporates responsibilities and sleep needed for school while still being able to deliver a great show! The sets he builds are always incredible and show his passion for Live Theater. He provides clear direction for the young actors to help them grow and allows for them to provide ideas. He creates a truly collaborative experience."

Jeffery Hollon

"I first met John Sartor when we were both cast for parts in "Camelot." I found him to be a consummate artist, dedicated to bringing the best possible performance from himself as well as others. When he directed "South Pacific" John asked me to be his musical director. Working with John on such a spectacular production allowed me an insight to not only his love of the Stage, but also his personal character and integrity. I am very excited to have another opportunity to work with John Sartor and Evalino Productions."

Abigail Labbe

"I had the pleasure of working with Evalino Productions on Into the Woods Jr. I didn't know anyone going in but I was welcomed with open arms. John and Becky really know how to put on a show. I had a blast and grew so much as a performer."

Shannon Litton Adis

"John is so kind. He is very caring and works great with kids of all ages."

Kelli Barker

"Absolutely love the shows this company puts together!! Our daughter was a part of Frozen jr. and I was BEYOND impressed with the production of the show. John and Becky have such a passion for theater and a truly beautiful heart in both of them. I would recommend not only seeing an Evalino show but working with this company as well."

Melissa Koesel

"John and Becky are fantastic! I’ve worked with them in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and my son has been in both Evalino kid productions available to date. I couldn’t ask for a better all-around duo, they are as genuine and professional as they come!"

Angela Vespa

"John is a great director with such a big heart. Tons of experience in theater and truly cares about each and every child he interacts with. My daughter truly adores John and we are so happy at how much he has taught her."

Carol-Ann Black

"John is a consummate professional! He is kind, patient and encouraging with his actors! He is a true artist!"

Brian George

"Amazing and wonderful people!!"